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Spanish classes, Spanish lessons, Spanish tutor
Spanish classes, Spanish lessons, Spanish tutor
Spanish classes, Spanish lessons, Spanish tutor

Frequently Asked Questions


Learning Spanish FAQs

Take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions and everything you need to know about learning Spanish with Luis.

As a beginner, it can take a long time to become comfortable and conversational with a 2nd language. The good news is you don’t need to be fluent to be conversational!

Our seasoned Spanish tutor, Luis, says, “It really depends on the person and how many hours of practice you do. I recommend 3 hours a week to be able to hold a basic conversation. Also, children will often learn at a different speed to adults.

With a lot of dedication, independent daily practice and a personalised learning plan with Tutor Spanish, you could learn to speak Español even quicker.

¡Buena suerte!

At Tutor Spanish, we offer different pricing packages with our specialist Spanish tutor depending on what you want to learn.

  • For adults and leisure learning it is £23 per session.
  • For GCSE and A-Level Spanish, it’s £26 per session. 
  • We also offer competitive group rates, which you can find here.

Exciting offers, such as “Refer a Friend” and “Spanish Bunch,” are also available!

Getting started with Tutor Spanish is simple! 

To book your lesson, check our calendar for availability and contact us before booking. 

Then, we’ll create your personalised lesson plan which can be taught wherever is best for you – from online Spanish tutoring to classes in our tutor’s home. 

We can even teach Spanish in your own home, office or cafe if you’re local to Stoke-on-Trent, Stafford or Stone!

If you have any questions or special requests, please reach out via email.

That depends on what your goals are. Our seasoned Spanish tutor, Luis, says:

If you only want to learn for leisure or fun, I recommend one lesson a week. 

For qualification, like GCSE or A-Level Spanish, it can vary depending on your level – I’d recommend taking Spanish tuition classes perhaps once or twice a week.

If you’re unsure what level your Spanish speaking is at, or have more questions, feel free to get in touch.

How many hours you should practise at home depends entirely on your goals. 

If you’re just learning Spanish for fun, the time you should spend practising is completely different to if your goal is learning how to speak Spanish for a business meeting or if you’re looking to move to Spain.

Our specialist Spanish tutor, Luis, says, “I recommend doing at least 20 minutes a day rather than doing 3 hours all at once and then nothing else for weeks. The more you do, the better you get!

Learning to speak Spanish doesn’t stop with tuition and practice – there are plenty of other ways to immerse yourself in the language and learn without realising it!

We recommend:

  • Listening to podcasts
  • Reading books or Spanish news articles
  • Watching TV series or movies (with or without subtitles, depending on your level)
  • Talking! If you know someone who is fluent in Spanish or, even better, a native Spanish speaker, converse with them as often as possible!


Spanish varies across the different countries where it’s spoken. 

Just like in the UK, while the basics remain the same, you’ll find regional expressions, accents and vocabulary will vary to reflect the unique culture and history of each Spanish-speaking area.

Our seasoned Spanish tutor, Luis, is from Valladolid, the capital of Castile (Castilla), which is said to be the most pure form of Spanish in the world. 

Want to learn from a native Spanish speaker with experience in tutoring? Click ‘Book Now’ to schedule your first FREE online lesson!

Yes, our specialist Spanish tutors will communicate in English when necessary during lessons. They use English strategically to ensure understanding, particularly for beginners, but will try to immerse you in Spanish as much as possible as your skills improve.