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Spanish classes, Spanish lessons, Spanish tutor
Spanish classes, Spanish lessons, Spanish tutor
Spanish classes, Spanish lessons, Spanish tutor

Online Spanish Tutor – Spanish Online Tutoring service!

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Whether you’re  a beginner or know some Spanish already, TutorSpanish.co.uk is here to  help you achieve your Spanish learning goals. 

We offer a variety of Spanish language instruction options, including online classes, group classes, and face-to-face programs. Our experienced and qualified instructor, Luis, will work with you to create a personalised lesson plan that meets your individual needs and interests.


Spanish is the second most widely spoken language in the world, boasting over 500 million native speakers and serving as the official language of 21 countries, including Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, and Peru. Additionally, Spanish is widely spoken in the United States, with over 41 million Spanish speakers.

There are numerous advantages to learning Spanish, such as increased job opportunities. Spanish speakers are in high demand in various industries, including healthcare, education, and business. Learning Spanish can provide a competitive edge in the job market and often unlocks new career prospects.

Furthermore, studies have shown that learning a second language  enhances cognitive function, memory, and attention. It can even  help delay the onset of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

Learning Spanish can also enrich travel experiences. It  allows you to communicate with locals, obtain directions, and order food in Spanish, making trips to Spanish-speaking countries even more enjoyable and rewarding.

Lastly, learning Spanish can be a personally enriching experience. It challenges you intellectually and allows you to learn more about the world  while helping you connect with people from different cultures.


online spanish
  • Do you want to learn Spanish but you haven’t got time to  travel? 
  • Do you want to learn Spanish from the safety and comfort of your home? 
  • Do you need help with Spanish GCSE, A level or other qualifications? 
  • Are you going on holiday and you only need to learn holiday Spanish? 

Whether you need help with Spanish qualifications or want to learn holiday Spanish, we’ve got you covered.

Luis now offers online Spanish classes via Google Meet, or your preferred online platform, allowing you to learn wherever and whenever you please.

Luis makes Spanish lessons fun and interactive,  tailoring each session to your needs. Through Google Meet you will be able to see your teacher,interact in the lesson and have fun learning a new language. 

Book and pay for your lesson, and you’ll receive a link to connect 


  1. Download Google Meet –If you don’t have google meet, download it free! Google meet is a software application that allows users to make voice or video calls over the internet. Calls to other users within the google meet service are free. We have a webcam so you can see your tutor. You don’t need a webcam if you don’t wish to be seen, but you do need a  microphone and speakers. If you haven’t got google meet please click here to register an  account and download the software (this is free) if you have a  google account you can use your existing google account. You can also  use your web browser for your online Spanish class or  download the app from App Store or google play. If you prefer to use another platform like Skype, zoom etc. to  connect with your Spanish online tutor Please let us know. 
  1. Book and Pay(first lesson free) – Before  purchasing any of our price options, you will have the  opportunity to try a free Spanish online lesson (30 minutes only  if requested ). The standard lesson  lasts 55 minutes and are tailored to your needs. In order to book your first lesson click here and complete the booking form or contact us for more  information. 
  1. Connect with Luis – After booking your lesson, you will  receive a confirmation email with all the necessary details, including Google Meet information to connect with your new online Spanish tutor. 
  1. Start learning Spanish – Now you’re  ready to go! Begin your online Spanish leaning journey, with each lesson including:
  • A 55 minutes google lesson scheduled according to your needs. 
  • Materials and resources
  • Lesson re-cap 
  • Online support after the lesson – That’s right, if you have any  question during your learning, our online Spanish tutor will be able to help you via our online chat, email or WhatsApp.

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